Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Sorry folks I can not blog today as my camera is broken. This has nothing to do with the fact that youngest daughter took it with  her on a  Duke Of Edinburgh camping expedition last weekend. According to her it was already broken...., so why take it? Teenager logic! I shall have to go shopping. x

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Hello, Hello, Hello!

Where do these weeks go? Starting to panic now as there are only a few weeks to go to my open studio, it will be fine! But so busy!

I have been making jewelry,
A heap of Domino's and some alcohol ink.

add some stamp images
Domino's just rubber stamped. Then Glossy Accents to get them nice and shinny.
brooch bails
Pendent bails, need to dry for quite  while now
I have been doing some decoupage,

See you in five minutes!!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Isn't life just wonderful?

How are you all? In fine fettle I hope. Everything here is crazily busy, but fun! Last weekend we went and visited some of the wonderful artist in the North Yorkshire Open Studios. Had a fabulous time. Well done to all those involved. At one point we were in Harrogate, so just had to pop in to Art from the Heart..., well it would be rude not to!
I have been working hard on the art too, tho not allot to show you as yet. Finished a couple of pairs of witchy boots,

made a frog,

and an Eskimo or two,

A group of friends,
A basket of cats,

a couple of heavenly cats

Speaking of heavenly body, A big Happy Birthday to my brother, Anthony Lester, who would have been 59 on the 13th of June. Unfortunately for him, and indeed the world, he died of a brain tumor when he was 11 years old.

Make a point of living every day you get. x

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Happy Birthday Month

Its June, and dare I say it ......, sunny! June is truly birthday month in my family, Brother in law, 4th. Brother on the 13th, me on the 16th and the lovely Lizzy..., sister on the 19th, so I just party all month. I love my birthdays. You hear so many people moaning on, another birthday, a year older, moan, moan, moan. My thoughts on it are, "What a privilege!" yes there are challenges with getting older, but far more joys and delights. Happiness is a choice, choose it.

June is also the Run for Life on the Knavesmire in York, Alice and Maisie ran the 5k to raise funds for cancer research. I hope to walk it next year with a puppy!

Two of my babies, and I love them.
You have got to want it!
A big thank you to all involved. Always a fantastic, if very emotional morning. Everyone there was wonderful.

The 4th of June was the centenary of Emily Wilding Davison stepping in front of the kings horse at the Epsom races. She suffered fatal injuries and died four days later.

Only right that we create something to remember her by.
Photocopied images, transferred onto fabric.
Three pictures, ribbons in white , lilac and green, Deeds not Words.
On the door for this week.
Emily Wilding Davison, a solider in petticoats.

On to ART, got a real desire to make more prims after my Santas, so here goes

A witches boot,
Stuffed and stained
and a dolly or two!

Now I must dash as I am going to a private view of 3D contemporary craft degree exhibition at the University of York St Johns, I cant wait!

Enjoy the nice weather, better still enjoy whatever weather you have got.