Wednesday, 27 March 2013

It's Spring, lets meet up and build a snowman!

Hello you little bunnykins, how are you all,.... cold? I know I am, so desperate to get into the garden, yet it is freezing. Any way I will console myself with art. Not done a great deal this week as I have had  Maisie, my youngest off with cold, then tonsillitis then conjunctivitis,  poor kids been through the mill. And all she worries because she is missing school, and her work.

I have been playing with my large altered book, nine double page spreads with a face on each, well nearly. It is coming along nicely.
Painted background, gesso out where I am going to paint face.
In style of Natasha May class I have been doing.
Life book this week did not have a piece of art to play with, but an interview with Dion Dior  which was fabulous, nice to get to know people better.
Book of Days has taken a week off as Effy was needing some personal time, so I will not get that lesson until Thursday or Friday, therefore I will show you that next week. However I have been doing lots of work in my Grimoire, book of spells. Playing with artist medium and pens, two things I just love.

Some wonderful news is that I have enrolled on a class with Teesha Moore and Jane Davenport, Mermaid circus, starts on 8th of April, I can not WAIT!

The new studio has had the rest of its new floor laid and is taking a while to set as the weather is so cold, however it should be OK for the weekend which is a final push before Andrews York Open Studio. I want to get the floor and doors painted and finished. Skirting boards up etc. Then we need to halt work in there and concentrate on tidying all building kit up and setting the seen for Professor Broken Cross Steampunk Emporium. Which will be in my living room, access through my kitchen! This means allot of cleaning! Still we have until the 13th of April. If you are able please come along, and pick up a leaflet to my open studios!. Oh and see Andrews wonderful work. Don't tell anyone, but he is a little nervous about it all, and needs encouragement, sussssh!

Like a good girl I have been doing my home work for Cotton Candy Girls, by Natasha May. here are the pictures. I didn't have time for doing the background at the moment but will get on with it. I have put one of these designs in the large altered book.

this is the one I altered and put in the book.
Making posters for my Open Studios,

I am getting so excited about this, see you next week.
OK, I am going to leave it there for this week as Maisie need hot chocolate and meds. Love to you all.

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