Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Has another week pasted?

I was here, staring at the lap tops blank screen, thinking, "Help" what have I been doing all week! Then It starts to filter through!  At the end of last week, apart from trying to keep warm and dry I was playing with my large altered book, and having a great time.

There are nine double page spreads and I would like a face on each. Then I will journal the page also.

I gesso over the page. This is just the way I do it. You may prefer to draw and paint your face first then add your back ground, whatever works for you. Once Gesso is dry, I seal it with, Artist fixative, when I remember!

Once the seal is dry I draw in the facial detail. Don't worry if you think you have gesso on too big an area you just keep adding more paint and layers.

There just had to be a blue girl........

Next I think I will have to think up some text.

At the weekend I was with a lovely group of ladies teaching them the joys of the Big shoot. Now I have a Big Shoot Express which you can not get anymore, which is a shame. The Express is motorised,  that is the only difference.  I suppose this is because they brought in the Vagabond.

Needless to say a great time was had by all,

You should have heard all the ooos and arrrhs going on. Lots of people were missing this month for various reasons which was a great shame, but never mind,  lots of love to them. So that took place on Saturday, then on Sunday I was in the new studio. Painting and then the new floor was going down. Andrew and I were having a great time and very busy. Imagine our shook when we came out to find it snowing!

What a view, of the studio of course.

Two thirds there.

No, the washing machine and dryer will not be staying there.
Other things I have been doing. Working on Life Book 2013, Love it. this week we had a lesson with Mindy Lacefeild.  What joy,
I guess you had to be there.
But I enjoyed it.
The lesson was about connection. And my painting was about connecting with the little girl I once was, which was both fun and very therapeutic.

I am still working on Book Of Days with Effy Wild, who is a very talented and gorgeous person, just love her work. This course ends for me next week, but I will be joining her course in July,  in about 65 days not that I am counting or anything. I will show you that work next week I think as this is getting very long already. So I will say bye bye for now. xxxx

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