Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Is it Wednesday again?

Hello my little pumpkins, I can not tell you how much I love talking to you all and getting your feed back one way or another. I am in such a gushy mood at the moment, life is so good and I feel I could do anything, which is just as well as I have lots to do both arty, worky and family!
So what have I been up to this past week. As you may remember I am participating in Effy Wilds Book Of Days Boot Camp. I am just loving it. Journaling every day, just as it should be, if you like that sort of thing. I can not recommend Effys work enough so go and have a look at what she is doing. At The Glitterhood.

Last week we made the journal, this week we were making  an artist grimoire, book of background spells.
Mon petit Albert, work in progress.
Here is mine. The idea of this grimoire is to experiment with backgrounds and all the mixed media we like to play with. This takes place on one side and on the other you write about what you have done. This is a great reference for when you are working on a bigger piece.

Oh how I love playing with paint and art supplies in general. Having great fun, but I do find it hard to stop here, which I have to do in readiness for Effys next lesson. I feel like I have lots of things on the go but nothing finished which I don't like.

Life Book is just wonderful and the latest piece I did for that was heart connections,

The heart is a pocket and the tags come for you to journal on.

Also doing Cotton Candy Girls With Natasha May,
This was so much fun, must do the others.
I have been making an altered board book. You know then kind that babies have. I love these. This is quite a large one, 20 cm x 44 cm, closed. With front and back cover and nine double page spreads for me to paint and journal on, yipeeeee.
Babies board book and Gesso........., heaven!
So first things first. Sand down the book, just to get rid of the glossy shine, ( not to mention snot and drool! yuk. ) thus enabling the Gesso to stick.
You will need to gesso every page, which does take a little time.
Stamped tissue paper glued to front and back.
I added stamped tissue paper to the front and back as this gives great texture. Next it is the application of paint, life is good.

I am only showing you three of the nine double spreads as you will see them as I add more and more to them. Its all about layering.

I spent the weekend in what was my garage, but now is my new teaching studio! Not finished by any stretch of the imagination,  but I can now see the space I have to work with and what I think I want to do, where. I can not tell you how amazingly grateful I feel that this is actually happening, I have dreamt of this for so long. Andrew has worked so hard for me, and he hasn't started on the toilet and utility yet! Sorry darling, but you will keep having these fabulous ideas. Thank you. x.

Look at that, sockets high on the wall so I can have pretty lights. I LOVE pretty lights. I have so much painting to do, best get on with it. See you next week, lovelies. xxxxxxx

P.S, 6.35 pm, but it is still Wednesday. xxxx

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