Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Junk Journal, round robin.

Hello everyone. A couple of weeks ago The Ephemera Group got together, as we do, and the tasks in hand was to create a junk journal with each others junk. We decided to make our own signatures, therefore we could choose our own sizes. We started off with a bag of our own junk and had fifteen minutes to create a signature. When the time was up we passed our bags of junk to the next person and made another signature or decorated the one we had already made.
Happy Birthday Shenagh.
Junk at the ready!
All change,
such concentration
More tea and cakes required!
about done for the day..., now the home work is to complete the signatures and build the book.
A day or so later and I have gathered up the junk to finish my signatures. I like mine to contain about six pages.
My nine signatures, one for each person participating in the junk journal round robin.
Adding stitch
And stuff!
The cereal packets, I gessoed and painted.
With acrylics and rollers,
and bubble wrap
stencils and ink.

now for the front cover,
A cereal box.
strengthen the spine with more card.
Decorate with ephemera
both sides.
cover with pattern tissue paper

Create stitching cradle for spine
Mark holes
add holes to each signature
Start adding to journal cover.
Loop of elastic and button for closure.

Make tags for inserts out of card and old gift wrap.

Add to journal

Using the old carrier bag in my signature created handle for my journal.

Used pamphlet stitch for adding the signature will add beads soon
Thanks for looking see you soon. x


  1. Looks wonderful - might try that one!


  2. Wonderful community junk journal work! Would like to invite to participate in community junk journal weekly competition at!