Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Well I spoke too soon, didnt I?

About the weather I mean! Rain stops play..., well, no it doesn't around here, you just change games. I was hoping to get in the garden more and get things tidied up for the yard sale I am having this weekend, but as it stands at the moment I would be better spending my time building a boat..., garden is a wash!!! But never mind. I just hope it is OK for Sunday the 1st of June so we can play out and have a little fun and meet people. Sale starts 10 am till 4 pm.

The weather has hit the car boots too as you can imagine..., most up setting, but I still have managed to bag some wonderful stuff.

I just love this can opener, Bonza! that's the make, about 1950's I think and it WORKS! No more spending 20 minutes trying to get into the tuna tins and ending covered in sticking plasters.
This came out of an old church apparently, and now points to my teaching studio.
Fabulous old book for a £5 note. Lots of adverts inside.
Some fabric for journal making.
Yet more fabric and thread.
Two wonderful old book covers, which I will turn into journals.
Tins and cards and bradawls..., yummy
And of course the wonderful table, £90 when bashed and falling apart in the middle of a field but now, after being lovingly restored by Mr A J Dale...., priceless!!!

As I told you last week that I am taking a stall at The Merchants Adventures Hall in July, So I am very busy making too much stock! 

And getting ready for a yard sale, please lets have some sun this weekend. 

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