Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Birthday Month...., Yipeeeee!

Hello lovely peeps and Happy Birthday to my friend Sue and my Brother law Dave. x.  Good to know it is June, practically birthdays every day I love it!
Last weekend I had my Yard Sale and it was very successful and one of the nicest days, weather wise this year I think. As always when it becomes time to get rid of childhood things, the children come out of the wood work screaming, "you can't sell that!"
The bumper car known as Rodger as the makers name is Whitaker! Sold to a wonderful gentleman who was very pleased to get it. It will sit on his landing for his cat to sit on apparently.
There were lots of other thing for sale,

What didn't sell was collected by Charity the next day so that was great. Meanwhile, whilst I am trying to reduce the amount of junk on my property, Corrin buys a motor bike! Pitted folks, mismatch wheels, electrics like you have never seen and a novel use of a seven up bottle!!!!! Boys will be boys. So it's off in Andrews van and over to his place and the work shop, to be totally dismantled and Andrew will instruct the youth on how it all goes together correctly, with matching wheels and some NEW handle bars at least!!!!

I am still busy making journals.  I am using both The Cinch and The Bind it All and seeing what are the pros and cons of each of them. Also painting, staining and varnishing wood on the out side of the studio.

I love flower boxes!
Alice finished her first year at Durham Uni this week with exams, so a party was in order, and Hats are the theme.

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