Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Yellow bunting and bicycles!

Hello all, hope this finds you well and happy. I am so enjoying the lovely weather.

I had to join in for The Grand Depart and have a yellow bike over the entrance to ARTefact.
Now for some bunting!
What have I been up to this week, well lots of finishing off for the sale at The Merchants Adventures Hall. And celebrating Birthdays..., I love June. And quite a few car boots. When the fair is done I want to get on with some sewing, specifically altered couture. Therefore  I have been gathering garments at car boots and sales after all I can not make bricks with out clay!!!
A collection of fabric..., stuff. I also found out I tend to go for blues and browns with splashing of lace.
This child's waistcoat I paid £1 for, with heaps of buttons to play with. 
All metal, wonderful!
and Lace

remains to be seen what I come up with these things, but I am excited to play!

Also at the car boot I have been finding wonderful things to make art with, and to decorated the entrance to ARTefact.
Vintage playing cards, old lock plates, and a rubber stamp.
Metal signs
Love this one.
OK, sorry, but all I have got time for today, see you all soon. x

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