Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Books ,Books and more Books!

Hello everyone, last day of June!!!

great finds at the car-boot this past few weeks.
Medical jar labels.
Hair dressers trolley.
Now art trolley.

Sweet book press.
Colouring some paper

Books for group project

work in progress

Now off to the studio to create collage sheets. xxx

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

The big 50

Well as I am sure you are all aware I have just had a birthday, and what a great day, week, month I have had, am having. To say I am a very lucky girl, doesn't begin to tell you all how lucky I am. Blessed. Thank you to everyone xxxxxxxxxx

Journals and coffee.

Sophie, Corrin and Alice. xxxx.
Great time with my babies!

Cake from Penny, IlluminARTi Group.
And party poppers

Cake from Lizzy.
 See you soon. x

Monday, 22 June 2015

I am back!

These last few weeks have been exhausting, but great fun. I feel I have abandoned the blog, so I am here to make up to it, and indeed you the followers.

Last week was The Embroiderer's Guild Exhibition, which was hard work, but again great fun. Lovely to spend so much time with people who's company I find inspiring, and they are just wonderful people. Passionate about their art, and generous at sharing it with others. They also are delighted in sharing their skills to anyone who wants to learn. If you fancy joining the guild come along to The Folk Hall, New Earswick , first Saturday of the month, (except August). You do not need to be a stitcher already, just a desire to learn.

A sea side collaboration by Guild members
A wonderful venue, The Guild Hall York.
Recycled book cover
My book cover
And more dolls!
Painted and stitched panel, now to become a book cover I think!
More soon. x

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Paper, paper, and a little more paper.

Hello everyone. Everything I have made for the Exhibition, has gone off to The Embroiders Guild. So that was a relief to get that done and out off the way. Just sorting out things to take for my stall now. I have been doing mainly collage this week as it calms me. Not that I am nervous about the exhibition, but because I am so excited about getting student financing to go off to Uni and do my degree in 3D contemporary craft. Three years to concentrate on art. What a gift and a privilege, so happy! Once I start I am thinking of creating a blog just on the degree adventure. What do you think?

Anyway back to today, Stuff I have been up too this week

Just monkeying about.
Not everyone's cup of tea, but I love doing this and it is sooooo therapeutic.
I find it best NOT to over think it, just put it down.
Some pages you will like, some pages you will not, IT DOESN'T MATTER!
Some details of a page you will LOVE and you will copy and reuse time and again, joy.
Stop thinking, and just DO!
it is truly amazing what you find.
When you have glued down all you want, then you can start the pen work, yet more joy. I like to get books ready for pen work in my studio, then I only need to take journals and  pens out with me to cafe etc. To sit and journal in public. The UK isn't used to this behavior...., more exposure needed! 
Out of finished pages I make collage sheets for students to play with. These sheets just have elements from my work on them for people to cut up and play with. I will show you pictures of them next time.
Get as silly as you like.
And have fun. Great activity with children...., of all ages!

These pieces are from the Artstronauts Club in the States.  The Ditto Project. The idea is that the club members print off the same collage pages. and we all finish them in our own way. Then we can see the results. It is fascinating to see what we all do with the same set off point.

So long for now. x