Monday, 18 May 2015

Playing with lots of things

Spraying and painting some fabric and paper .
Using inks and stencils.
Getting lots of great colour onto the backgrounds.
Lets add some acrylic paint.
Looking good.

These are the sheets of A4 copy paper I use to blot the paper I am working on. These are great for college and journaling and you are not wasting your ink and paint.
Now for some stamping.
Cut into a tag shape and add a black back ground.

Now I wish to play with clay. This is Das air dry clay

Roll it out
Created using a mold.

Drying in the sun.
 Cutting lots of felt flowers using the big shot and Tim Holtz die cutters.
Fabulous felt fro Oliver Twists.

Thhhhaaaaaaatttttts all folks

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Hello, hello, hello, hello

I have been making books again, out of left overs, fabric left overs that is.
Select a base piece of fabric, don't worry if this doesn't match your colour scheme as you will not see it in the finished book.
Gather together all your left over bits of fabric, and start adding them to the base fabric. 
I add about five then stitch then add more until the base fabric is totally covered.
This is the paper I am using for the signatures.
I am adding some cardboard, for strength.
Adding some black fabric for the inside cover.
Folding the black fabric around the edge onto the front to create a border, no neat edges here!

These are strips of fabric onto which I will stitch the paper
Like so.
Pamphlet stitch the signature in place.

Just had to do some more in different colour ways.

This one just had to have a fringe!!!
See you next time. xx