Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Well I spoke too soon, didnt I?

About the weather I mean! Rain stops play..., well, no it doesn't around here, you just change games. I was hoping to get in the garden more and get things tidied up for the yard sale I am having this weekend, but as it stands at the moment I would be better spending my time building a boat..., garden is a wash!!! But never mind. I just hope it is OK for Sunday the 1st of June so we can play out and have a little fun and meet people. Sale starts 10 am till 4 pm.

The weather has hit the car boots too as you can imagine..., most up setting, but I still have managed to bag some wonderful stuff.

I just love this can opener, Bonza! that's the make, about 1950's I think and it WORKS! No more spending 20 minutes trying to get into the tuna tins and ending covered in sticking plasters.
This came out of an old church apparently, and now points to my teaching studio.
Fabulous old book for a £5 note. Lots of adverts inside.
Some fabric for journal making.
Yet more fabric and thread.
Two wonderful old book covers, which I will turn into journals.
Tins and cards and bradawls..., yummy
And of course the wonderful table, £90 when bashed and falling apart in the middle of a field but now, after being lovingly restored by Mr A J Dale...., priceless!!!

As I told you last week that I am taking a stall at The Merchants Adventures Hall in July, So I am very busy making too much stock! 

And getting ready for a yard sale, please lets have some sun this weekend. 

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

A Little Background!

Hello darlings, How are you all? Isn't it great to have some lovely weather. Last weekend the Ephemera ETC group were here, and at lunch we got to sit out side and enjoy the sun shine. During the day we were playing at building back grounds.

What fun and lots of laughs. I was a little distracted as I was waiting for the delivery of a table I had purchased that mornings car boot sale on the knavemire in York, from the lovely Joanne. I have bought things from Joanne before but this was the biggest and had to be delivered! Well I needn't have worried as it arrived safety.
Opps!, studio and scullery doors had to come off
Tight fit!

The table comes from a schools physic lab. You can see the holes where the gas taps and electrical supply used to be. They will be filled.
I told the girls that we would dine off that table that night and we did. The first time that tables has seen a wine cooler..., won't be the last!
Great table, however, too tall, too narrow and too short...., just!
Work in progress, but as I need the table by the 28th of this month Andrew is working hard to get it finished.
Very solid table, but that was more to do with discarded chewing gun than glue!!!!!
I  am having a Yard Sale here on the 1st of June in aid of the local Holgate Windmill if anyone is about and interested. There will be about 30 of us opening up our yards and selling  "Stuff". Come along if you can and say hi!

Also I am having a stall at the Made Locally with Love fair at The Merchants Adventures Hall in York on the 13th of July. Doors open at 11 am and I believe there is a £1 entrance fee, but I will let you know more about that nearer the day.  I will be selling Journals and note books and talking about my new groups which start at The ARTefactory in September  of this year.

The 14th of May was Hectors first birthday and he had a fabulous day, with visits from friends and family, gifts, presents and a party tea!

That's 1 not 21!
It's all just......
to much!!!
See you next week. xxx

Wall Paper

Just had to let you all know that there are some fabulous wall papers out there folk, great for ones paper crafting.

These are all from B and Q and cost between £12 and £15, for 10 meters! I have been using them to cover journals and the work really well as they are strong and designed to get wet when pasting to the wall, or indeed book covers. Once glued, I use Gel Medium, press..., wonderful! Check out other places for wall paper such as the Range and Wilkinsons.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Journals #2, Don't ask!

Just taking and sharing some photos of my hand made journals,
Journals made with fabric and paper.
My Edgar Allen Poe Journal
I love this one!
The large green book at the back is full of water colour paper. Then there are the note books to the front.
Just getting into the photo is a junk journal.
Playing card book cover,
With signatures

Collage, junk journal
Old book, new life.
Coptic stitched book
and another!
Hope this was fun!

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Junk Journal, round robin.

Hello everyone. A couple of weeks ago The Ephemera Group got together, as we do, and the tasks in hand was to create a junk journal with each others junk. We decided to make our own signatures, therefore we could choose our own sizes. We started off with a bag of our own junk and had fifteen minutes to create a signature. When the time was up we passed our bags of junk to the next person and made another signature or decorated the one we had already made.
Happy Birthday Shenagh.
Junk at the ready!
All change,
such concentration
More tea and cakes required!
about done for the day..., now the home work is to complete the signatures and build the book.
A day or so later and I have gathered up the junk to finish my signatures. I like mine to contain about six pages.
My nine signatures, one for each person participating in the junk journal round robin.
Adding stitch
And stuff!
The cereal packets, I gessoed and painted.
With acrylics and rollers,
and bubble wrap
stencils and ink.

now for the front cover,
A cereal box.
strengthen the spine with more card.
Decorate with ephemera
both sides.
cover with pattern tissue paper

Create stitching cradle for spine
Mark holes
add holes to each signature
Start adding to journal cover.
Loop of elastic and button for closure.

Make tags for inserts out of card and old gift wrap.

Add to journal

Using the old carrier bag in my signature created handle for my journal.

Used pamphlet stitch for adding the signature will add beads soon
Thanks for looking see you soon. x