Thursday, 6 September 2012

First Post

Hello folks here goes at writing a weekly blog, very weakly at this rate of notts, but I will preserver. The picture is of a fabric box, I have got quite stuck on these at the moment. It is actually a box within a box, within a box. The lid holds it all together. When the lid is removed the boxes all fall open, revealing pockets, tags and a host of other embellishments. I think I saw one in Sew Summerset a while ago.

Below is a picture of the box open. 

So great was the fun I had with this box, that I had to do another. To make things easy for myself, as is my want, I choose hexagon as the shape! I will show you photos of the three hexagons box, but not today as technical support is at collage doing geeky stuff. However I do have a photo of the last box I have done. This is in the shape of a triangle, but I only did one as I just couldn't be bother to do three. I guess I am over fabric boxes for a while.

Well I think that is it for my first blog, see you next time.

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  1. Hello Mummykins you ever so clever girl.

    I do love and admire your other-worldly creations and your unique interpretation of the English langugage. (Please note tactical use of irony)

    Keep on creating these truly fascinating creatures, you are a talented and hard working mummy and I love you so.

    Irritant #1

    x x x x x