Tuesday, 25 September 2012

A little altered jewelry

Today I am going to share with you some of my jewelry. I collect old, and broken jewelry from car boot sales, antique and junk shops throughout the year. This I gather in a large set of old map draws until I require them. When creating my jewelry I like to add fabric and  found items which some would not consider worthy of being made into adornments. Such as games piece, old bottle, dolls, anything I feel like really.

Here is a picture of a good weekend gathering treasure. At the height of season I can attend three or four car boots sales in a weekend. I usually get there for seven-ish and it can all be over my midday, giving plenty of time for other activities, like dinning out, gardening, and attending craft groups. Life is so good. Back to the jewelry.All this stuff gets stored until I need it, well I cant make bricks without clay! Then, when winter hits and you don't want to be outside, I can have the fires burning and tea cup regularly replenished and play all day. like I said, life is good.
Delicious weekend finds.
Just so good.

Sometimes I will use clay to make pieces for my work. If I have a favorite cameo, for instance, I can make a case of it,  then make as many as I like using clay or indeed resin. I will show you some resin work another time.

The two roundels and the center piece are made of clay.

A close up of the clay, sorry about the picture, but you get the idea.

The brooch below is a brooch I wear when attending the York Embroidery Guild. All members have to create a badge with their names on as there are quite a lot of us, a hundred plus, and it helps the new members find the relevant people they need. This brooch is made up of quilted red fabric, lace, paper, scrim, stamped tea stained cotton, beads, charms, pen nib and a tiny antique dolls head.

So I don't forget who I am.

I will be wearing this at the Great Northern paper Extravaganzer, on the 7th of October. So please come and say hi if you see me.

Here are some other pieces on a similar them,

Combining all sorts of elements.

Plus some image transfer.
A bracelet,

and a pendent.

Now onto the Journals

They are all coming on in leaps and bounds now. I always find once you start it gets easier and easier to come up with ideas for art. You have to flex those artistic muscles. Just try to enjoy the process.

The altered book journal, and I  do have to make a horse for the craftydollybird group!

A funny face.

Big love.

And some sunshine.
One more from this journal,

Onto the page a month journal,

coming along nicely, and September nearly over!.

I am very please with the progress of my altered book, which I have decided has to become a book on Edgar Allen Poe, one of my favorites.

Will I show you more, nevermore, nevermore.

OK, I will show you more next time.

Well I think I will call it a day for this session, I will show the other journal and the spooky book next week,
Artfully Yours, Jo

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