Sunday, 9 September 2012

Monthly therapy session

Hello everyone, here I am a day after my wonderful day out with Craftydollybirds. For those of you who do not know, dollybirds if an off shoot of the York Embroiderers Guild.  I haven't been with either very long,(about two years) but I love them! As the name would suggest the group was formed mainly because these ladies wanted to explore doll making in more depth, but then have moved on to explore just about anything crafty. The knowledge and skills in this group is truly amazing and the generosity of sharing and teaching each other gives one hope in the human race. We meet once a month and it truly is my monthly therapy session. Recently we have been concentrating our efforts on two collaboration. One, There was an old........., who swallowed a fly. This will be revealed next month, and number two, The House the Dollybirds built, which was revealed yesterday. I will tell you all about number one next month.  For the house swap there were eight members taking part, I being one of them. It started with the first person making the gable ends. Then it moves on to the next who makes the walls, next the roof, and so on until a house, with interior and exterior, an occupant and his companion were made. Just short of a year was taken. With the house traveled a journal, what great fun that was.

This is the house and occupants that were made for me, fabulous, thank you ladies.

Wouldn't it be great to live on streets like these?

I don't seem to have any photos of the journals, but I will gets my hands on some next time.


ATC by the ladies in the Artefact group
Now onto my lovely ladies in the Artifact A.T.C. Club, (artist trading cards). We swap card once a month via snail mail. I aim to do this at the beginning of every month but I am dreadful at getting them out on time, must do better!

ATC my me, for Artefact group

I you would like to join the ATC swap email me. A new list of themes will be coming out soon, which you can either work to or choose your own.

Onto a rather sad note, yesterday, Florence, one of my four cats died she was just short of fifteen,
Florence in the court yard

Cat in a bag!

Three past cats, Florence, Mesha pinni and Dickens

That's it for today folk, bye. x

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