Wednesday, 29 October 2014

OOOOO ready for the fight night?

Andrew is outside preparing for the big night! I however have moved onto Christmas! Yerrrrh! I am in the studio here at ARTefact making Christmas Journals and indeed Christmas cards. Just get Friday out of the way and I can have festive music whilst I work!

The cover of the new festive, interactive journal
Pockets and places to hide stuff.
Big tags and little tags.

It has been very busy here, with workshops and groups a plenty.

Have a Spooktaclia Halloween.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

I am last!

Sorry I didn't post last week, dreadful cold, not nice! Anyway that seems to be diminishing thank goodness and art is starting to flow again.

So everything is starting to look very much like Halloween is around the corner.

Batman's hat?

No, it's the bat himself, a little deflated, but we can sort that out. 
Much better!
I see a pale bat and I want to paint it black,.... so I did.
Now for some detail
We tried green, but he didn't like it.
Red, that's better for a vampire bat.
Just needs finishing off now
Also playing with spooky ATC's

I made some ATC size coffin templates.
Found a nice vintage picture of a handsome chap.

And did horrid things to him.

Then of course there is the new jelly mold!!!
It's a brain!

My new web site is up and running, please have a look,

And an Etsy shop

Please have a look and like things!!!
See you later. xxxx

Thursday, 9 October 2014

So sorry for not posting yesterday.......

but ran out of time, so much to do, so little time Etc!!!

I will tell you what I have been doing, Went to the Great Northern Paper Craft Extravaganza last Sunday. Met lots of great people there and enjoyed seeing all the "stuff". I am hopeful the trade is picking up.

Concentrating my efforts on Halloween this week,
Bat mans mask?
and wings!
A bat
And painted black.
A lot of domino pins for a craft fair at the weekend.
This one is always very popular.
Playing with basic paper doll form..,
And designing some Halloween girls

Well, must dash!