Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Lets get started...,

I have been busy with the second metal and leather book
I drilled holes in the metal and stitched it to the leather.
Now for the signatures.
Adding first layer of paint to the canvas.
Takes quite some time.
but worth it.
Started to college my sketchbook.

Adding text and more colour.

This is an old cook book I wish to alter,
Adding some netting from an old dolls petticoat.
Gluing it down with P.V.A.
Covering with Gesso,
And adding embellishments.
Great finds at the car boots this weekend.
Look at this battered Bible, £2!
Gold edges, yummy
See you next time. x

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Hello you delightful crowd you !

How does today find you? Well and in good spirits I hope. I have been busy in the studio, having an absolute ball...,. come and see.
Doll thing just need a couple of bells now.
This is that blue sea side box frame that I took to bits. 
Added collage to the box bit.
I wish to play with texture paste.....
So I will make my own, One cup white paint, one cup Talcum powder, 1/2 cup P.V.A glue. Mix well.
Great result, more experimentation required!
Pop rivets arrived, yipeeee.
Off we go.

One side done.
Moving onto the piece of tin sign which was left....
I wanted to sew the leather onto this on, so I needed to drill holes in the tin. I used the Dremmal and drill press for this.
Fill the edges of the tin, and the burs on the holes or it will cut the thread,
Sand the edges and round off the corners.
Add leather.
Both sides.
Stitching in the signatures on the riveted book.

Signatures for the stitched book.

Strange paper weight.
Do you remember the canvas I started a few weeks ago with all the fabric layers and gesso?
I keep adding more and more "stuff" Do you recognize the boat?!
I shall keep going adding more and more to it until it is full.
Adding painting with gesso
Until we meet again. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx