Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Playing is good for your soul.

OK so what have I been up to this week..., apart from celebrating my chaps birthdays that is, Happy Birthday my lovely men.

First, here is an old metal sign I have had in the garden for some time. As it is a reproduction the colours have faded some what, and I thought it needed a change. Hence I am now going to cut it up and turn it into a metal and leather journal..., like you do!
I was going to cut this up with tin snips, but I found it too difficult and it would make a mess of the edges.
So out came Chomp!
There is very little he can't handle.
I  intend to make two journals with this old sign.
Find middle and mark.
Once cut, drill some holes, this is where the leather will be attached.
You will need to file the edges down a tad.
Leather.., try to look out for old coats and jackets at car boots and charity shops best way of getting leather without paying a fortune. This black leather long coat cost me £2!
Wiggly leather spine.
I marked the holes then used the croperdile to punch them out. I will be joining the leather to the tin with pop rivets, but the shanks on these rivets in the picture is too long so I have ordered some more!
So while we wait, lets do some paper clay stuff!
I rolled out some paper clay and cut it into shapes with cookie cutters.
Next I used some black permanent ink and rubber stamps.
ink up and stamp into the clay. Leave to dry out for a week.
Here is the doll thing I started last week, she is now stuffed!

Paint her red, front and....,
Found this at the car boot the other day for 50 pence! Not really my sort of thing...., yet!
Lets take it to bits,
To be continued......
This week I have also started to work on my NEW Rubber Stamp Library. This will be open to join my all the various ARTefact club members. Works just like a book library, but with stamps! I shall be doing a magazine and book one too! Fun Fun Fun!!!

Stuff I have bought for the ARTefact Libraries
Books and magazines.
Miscellaneous stuff
All rubber stamps!

More books!

See you later. x

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