Wednesday, 6 August 2014

A little vexed at present!

OK so I wanted to change from Virgin Media to Plus net!! That was two weeks ago. Now I am paying for both and receiving neither!!!!! Not proud and not happy!! So please do not think I am ignoring you, I have windows of internet, but the carrier pigeons are in training as we speak.

So what have I been doing?

Two of my printed sheets, which will become end papers for my book.
Make some book cover from black paper and pizza box card.
A good pressing...,

Stamp some inspirational words on white paper.
Stitch and ink the pages.
Stitch the stamped words to pieces of black card and printed paper.
Using The Cinch punch holes into book covers and pages.
That's as far as I have got with that. Then onto the peg bag,

Place dress front onto black fabric and cut out back panel.
Like so!
Here I cut out a heart in text fabric bigger then the heart  hole in the front.
Stitched it on and cut out the inner heart. Stamp the fabric with text in brown.
Adding lace net and trim to front of bag.  
With right sides together stitch the bag up. Remember to leave holes for the coat hanger.
Sew off the ends of the coat hanger....Hector is helping!
Hang it up!

Drew myself a picture of a limbless doll thing!
Transferred that onto fabric.
Gesso the face area.
Add ed the face detail.

Stitched around her face.
Stitched around the body and hat.
Cut hole in front.
Turned her around.
That's it for this week. x love Jo

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