Wednesday, 30 July 2014

What a challenge!

Welcome to another posting from yours truly. Last weekend was an Ephemera Etc meeting, which as usual was great fun. At the end of the day they decided they didn't want a challenge this month as they were all very busy. This is when I decide to challenge myself to come up with 10 new pieces for the next meeting! I just love to push myself and see what I come up with.
Therefore you will not see finished projects for a few weeks but the start and progress of many...lets get on with it!

Two of the projects I wish to start involve fabric and trims which has been tea stained.
yummy, just tea bags and water.
Don't forget to stain some trims too.
This is going to be a removable book jacket,
Add  lace and colour panels.
Stitch all the panels down, using different stitches.
This is the start of the second piece . for this I need to make myself a paper pattern.
I am going to need to saw off the end of the coat hanger..., just a tad too long.
This is going to be a old dress peg bag!, I don't know why, I just had to make one!
The heart is the opening for peg retrieval.
Add lace and ribbon.
OK, now onto some painting,
This is going to be a stamp and stitch book.
Ten pages of 300 gsm water colour paper. First on Acrylic paint.
Let the paint dry between applications to avoid colour merging.
Next contrast and texture.
And some stamping with gesso.
Add some more gesso and paint with a roller. All ten pages both sides.
The next piece is going to be a mixed media canvas.
Add  fabric to your canvas,
lots of different textures.
Start to glue it down. I am using home made Mod Podge.
Add lace,
Once all glued down I covered everything in home made Gesso.

Well that is it for this week. I will keep working on these piece and indeed start some more, the creative juices are following well!

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