Friday, 18 July 2014

Well not as good an events as I had hoped, but you have got to get out there!

Hello you little darlings. Are you all melting? Isn't it glorious, don't moan your too hot as will be be Christmas day before you know it!
Did the fair In the Merchants Adventures Hall, which the lovely organizers said was the worst footfall they have had in years. So much so that they have cancelled the September show which is a shame, may do the Christmas one...., I will have to think about it!
 So what else Have I been up to? I was making all those books and journals, and what I really wanted to do was some painting and journaling....,

Water and ink
Plus paper and stencils,
equals lots of fun!
Add some gesso,
And black paint
Here are some pictures from magazines, ready for some collage puzzling!
Lady in red.
Girl with a bird house.
And bounce!

Now for some pen work.
Lots more work to do to these lovely ladies,but while I had the ink and stuff out I wanted to get started on the Ephemera ETC group challenge. This was to create a concertina book, on the theme of "House" out of some material given to us by someone along time ago!!!!! The material in question is quite strange, not paper, but like paper and qualities of fabric! I will let you know how I get on!!

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  1. Sorry it was such a soggy day for your sale at Merchant Venturers Hall, you had some lovely things for sale, but I just don't think people were in a buying mood except for tea and cakes. I`m looking forward to Sat (NOT Sun !) and seeing everyone`s "house" zigzag books.
    Keep smiling Judith x