Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Hello, hello, hello!

I have been unable to connect to the internet all day!!! But I am here now for a brief up date on my daily dealings. All note books and journals are now complete and packed ready for the market on the 13th of July. I love seeing all the lanyards everyone has these days, looks very important so I thought I would make myself one.
I selected a heap of stuff!
A lot of it was the bits left over from book making.
Some tea stained fabric cut bigger than a business card.
To one piece I added lace, stitched with contrasting thread.
Added pieces of text fabric.
I  found some code bits at the edge of the fabric , so I added that too!
Yet more text fabric...
Add on the back panel, but only stitch on three sides so I could house my business cards in side it.
Add caption panel.
I used a Victorian note clip to join the panel and neck less.
To make the neckless I decided to use an old tape measure as a base.
Adding lay upon lay of fabric.
Now looking for embellishments
To be continued!!!!
Also playing with old books, turning them into note books!

Old books

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