Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Hope the Easter Bunny was generous to you.

Hello, what a lovely time of year......, bulbs are bursting forth, starting to tidy up the garden ready for some alfresco dinning and maybe a few parties, and my favorite car boot sales are open again..., praise be.
This weekend was full of searching for treasure with great success.

Reproduction, Victorian scrapes
A box full of railway office "stuff" plus postcards and greetings cards
Two large boxes of envelopes, one of which is Velum! Plus acetate! 
An illustrated family Bible, with brass corners....,
Wonderful buckles...,
And great interior
Three wonderful journals, two little books and a hole punch
This was just a  selection  of the items I got this week, wonderful stuff to play with, and so inexpensive. You just have to put some time in.

I have been busy with the decoration of the ARTefact toilet, not very exciting you may think, but essential never the less!
I love this old window, came out of an old Manor.
Mirror box over the sink. I have had this box forever.
This door is original to my house when it started lire as the coal house door then the potting shed door. Just love things with history. I bought a very large roll of this toweling so now I am making lot of towels up.
Andrew has been boxing in pipes. Quarry tiles can't go down just yet, but we are getting there. It is amazing how long things take.
Wonderful shell.
Old brass coat hooks which I have had for a while, Andrew mounted them onto wood.
See you all next week, when I hope to unveil some clubs I hope to start.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Happy Easter..., or very nearly anyway.

Sorry I haven't posted for a couple of weeks , but the gremlins have been working their way through virtually everything electrical in my house! Anyway camera now working so off we go.

Last Saturday I was teaching a group of ladies from The York Embroiderers Guild. The subject matter was, A Beginner's Guide to Altered Books. I had a great time and I hope they did too.
Hard at work

Excellent results

I am still making lots of journals and note books for the shows in September, I really want to get all that done before the nice weather, which is starting to happen.
See you later.