Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Car Boot Season.....

Is underway with a great start, then hampered by bad weather, but we will solider on!
V.P.S.C 1912
School books from Leeds.
An artist sketch book. It was soaking, I had to dry it out and press it, but it has survived really well.

A book for housing photograph of your favorite film stars!!!

I love the different fonts on these documents, great for photocopying and using in your journals.
I remember these, well The Cooperative Stores one. My mother would collect the stamps and her "Divy"!

Train tickets from 1982.

I love the graphics on this card,...and indeed the stamps.

Again, great for photocopying.

Driving licences.

Greetings cards, not as nice as my Victorian ones, in my eyes, but worth archiving.

All sorts in this photo pack, some times the back is more interesting than the front.

Egypt, Cambridge, Lock Ness to name but a few.

See you soon, x

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