Thursday, 30 April 2015

finishing the bugs

OK so their faces are done, just need to stain and cook them.

For the primitive doll stain I use a mixture of mixed spice and coffee with a little vanilla. Not only does it colour the doll but they smell nice too.
Mix it all together with boiling water.

Into the oven on a low heat for 10 minutes or so.

Relaxing after their ordeal.
Now for their outfits.
Some beads I think

Now onto a panel piece, for this I wanted to paint a whimsy face on canvas,

I like to tape it to the ironing board.
Sketch out a picture and add colour with Water soluble wax crayons and acrylic paint.

As always I like to photocopy my work. This time in both colour and black and white. The black and white picture will be used for pattern pieces.
Her T-shirt becomes fabric.
And she is added to a background of patch-worked fabrics.
See you next time. xxx

Sunday, 26 April 2015

I am still here!

Hello darlings, sorry I haven't posted lately, but there have been things I am making which I just can not share yet so please be patient with me. This week I have been working on the bugs so have a look at these. x

All out fits made.
Design a couple of faces.

Paint them onto the dolls.

Just need to prim stain them now, and cook them!! And of course a little more stitching. x

Friday, 10 April 2015

Soft in the 'ead!

Not me personally, but some may argue! I have been playing with dolls again, and I wanted to make something a little different.

First I joined some fabric together and made a template for the doll shape I required.
I did two different shapes, stitch them, cut them out and stuffed them.
Then I started to add features!

Next it was time to add cloths.

The bugs have new out fits too, just waiting for some faces.

 My wonderful friend Caroline and fellow MemorARTi told me of a new craze, Pocket Letters. It sounded interesting so I went on line to have a look. Jeannette Lane developed these little beauties when she was trying to come up with a cheaper method of Project Life. The idea is to fill the nine pockets of a base ball folder with card and all sorts of decorative stuff and of course a letter, You the fold into thirds pop it in an envelope and post it to a fellow Pocket Letter Trader. It looked like such good fun that I joined a group and now I have made my first pocket letter. (s)

Base ball card holder. I already had some of these as I store the groups A/T/C'sin them and they do look great.
Decorative card stock cut to 2.5 inches by 3,5.
Just add imagination and play!

I made a few.
This is a great way of send fun arty stuff to each other in the post, and I love snail mail.

See you next time, xxxxxx