Tuesday, 31 March 2015

A day early..., because I love you. x

OK so lots going on, but today I wish to share my bugs bugs with you!

Hello Caroline, x.

Here is one, without legs.
Two, with legs.
Let the painting begin.
Top and toes.
Guess what she is?
And this one?
No bugs were harmed in the making of these dolls!
More painting.

Yeah, happy bug with her head in a bag!!!!
Some wired wings.
A touch of paint.
Hang them out to dry.
I used a bottle top to print the dots..., in fill with a brush where needed.

Flower collars.
In a vat of tea.
I hope to have these finished quite soon,

Friday, 27 March 2015

What a bad girl!

I know I have been really naughty and ignored you for too long. please accept my apology. I have been really busy with things I can not show you yet, but I will share this with you today.

I really liked the look of the paper and card satchel,
A gift bag,
from Wilkinson's.
So I took it to bits...,
chopped off some of the interior,
joined it back together with decorative paper.

Selected hair elastics,
to create a closure.
And filled it full of lovely stuff.
Ooooooo, more stuff!
Yet another Wilkos  file folder
Cut the end off, so popper remains in the middle.
Strengthened the hinges with the off cuts

And filled this full of stuff too!
See you soon...., I hope!

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

ooooo Loads of stuffff!

Hello hello hello, just been so busy of late! "With what"? I hear you scream. With this for a start.

Eight layers of plastic bag in between baking paper and ironed

Then cut out the words, "MAKE DO AND MEND"
Next for the bunting
Not bad!
Now I also want to show that you can make wonderful journals out of left overs from other paper craft projects
Boxes of all descriptions...,
And sizes can be turned into journals with the addition of.....,
Paper, decorative 12 x 12, or wall paper, wrapping paper..., old magazines.

Next onto some felting, and embellishment! Here is some gorgeous felt from Oliver Twists.

run it though a big shot with a flower die.
Then I used the embellisher to bind the pieces together.
Added some beads to the middle and a pin to the back.

                       Now lets do some more make do and mend. Old envelopes opened up

Draw around then onto old cereal packet to create temples to be used time and again

then draw around them onto wrapping paper wall paper or decorative paper..., magazines!

Here I added some stitch detail.

I used double sided tape to seal up the envelope after adding a decorative liner from the scraps of paper.

See you later