Tuesday, 30 September 2014

As easy as ABC!

Due to the various groups I host and the art swaps I am in I have been sending a lot of art work out and about. At the moment I am really enjoying using the tiny little alphabets.

These are great and cheap too!
I stamped them on bits of off cut card, I don't worry about the marks at the edges...., I quite like them.

Cut them out and black the edges, fiddly fun.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ..., in my studio,

Two cute skating mouse rubber stamps.
Stamp on post its, to use as masks.
A back drop of trees
A masked mouse

Be a little pumpkins and send some Halloween best wishes.

Every day greetings cards in a similar style.

Time to make some new Domino badges for a local fair,

I do tend to go for images with faces, and they sell well.

Don't for get it is The Great Northern Paper Extravaganzer this coming weekend, at Harrogate, Yorkshire Show Ground. Saturday the 4th and Sunday the 5th. £5 on the door to get in. I am going on Sunday with the delightful Andrew and one or two Ephemerist. I am hoping to bump into Gemma Too!!

See you later. Love Jo. xxx

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

I am so excited..., life is wonderful!

I love to create, it's not a choice for me, although I love it. It's a necessity, like breathing in, and out..., wonderful! Yet again I do not have loads to share with you this glorious Wednesday, two days into autumn! Lots of prepping going on,

OK so I bought a couple of large canvases a the car-boot. Cheapest way of getting canvas. Good coat of gesso. I will not be too bothered how well it covers as there is going to be so much "stuff" on here you won't see the original pictures.

Same treatment for this frame, gesso. This is going to go the way of the steam-punk canvas, maybe a different colour?
Circles of text, I have got a thing about circles at the moment.
Text added to the canvas.
Just acrylic paint onto 300 g s m paper, wish to make some postcards.
Photographs of some children from long ago.
photocopied and,
cut out.
Frames made from rubber stamp images on to decorative paper.
Need to add embellishments now!
Some new ephemera packs for the shop, these are Victorian invoices and receipts.
Right that will have to be it for now. I have got to go and get ready for new baby groups. These groups, IlluminARTi and  SEWblime are really taking off now I am so pleased.  Enjoying everyone's enthusiasm,  Spaces left if you want to come and play. Please remember I am on face book as Joanne Wilson and ARTefact

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

A surplus of Joy!

Hello folks, you do realize that it is 99 days to Christmas! However I have been working on Halloween mostly, and working on the studio. The new groups are growing like Topsy I am pleased to report. Do excuse me a moment whilst I tease group members. 

The Surplus of Joy Rubber Stamp Sale is here, sorry Tina, no numbers as yet, but I am looking.

Heaps of Pre-Loved Rubber Stamps for sale, and I am also working on the Rubber Stamp Library.

Working on some Halloween ATC's
And greetings cards.

And more ATC's with stencils this time
And old photos.
Larger versions for greetings cards.

 OK that's it for now.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Hello Munchkins.

I haven't really got an awful lot to show this week as I have been spending my time painting the teaching studio.
A couple  of weeks back I did start that sea side frame so I will show you what it looks like now.

As I believe I said, not my cup of tea!
Take it to bits
Opps! Never mind we have glue.
Gather some Stuff!

Put it all together....,
And black the edges
At the carboot I got some art Stuff!

A metal sign will look great cut up and turned into a book.
Some fabulous books..., got to stop buying books!!!!!
The 4th of September saw the start of Illuminarti Omega, What a fantastic bunch of people. We had a great evening and I was horrid enough to set them homework..., Artist Trading Cards. They will have a great time with these. There are only six places left in this group if anyone is interested. We meet two Thursday evenings a month 6 pm til 9 pm..., ish!