Wednesday, 24 September 2014

I am so excited..., life is wonderful!

I love to create, it's not a choice for me, although I love it. It's a necessity, like breathing in, and out..., wonderful! Yet again I do not have loads to share with you this glorious Wednesday, two days into autumn! Lots of prepping going on,

OK so I bought a couple of large canvases a the car-boot. Cheapest way of getting canvas. Good coat of gesso. I will not be too bothered how well it covers as there is going to be so much "stuff" on here you won't see the original pictures.

Same treatment for this frame, gesso. This is going to go the way of the steam-punk canvas, maybe a different colour?
Circles of text, I have got a thing about circles at the moment.
Text added to the canvas.
Just acrylic paint onto 300 g s m paper, wish to make some postcards.
Photographs of some children from long ago.
photocopied and,
cut out.
Frames made from rubber stamp images on to decorative paper.
Need to add embellishments now!
Some new ephemera packs for the shop, these are Victorian invoices and receipts.
Right that will have to be it for now. I have got to go and get ready for new baby groups. These groups, IlluminARTi and  SEWblime are really taking off now I am so pleased.  Enjoying everyone's enthusiasm,  Spaces left if you want to come and play. Please remember I am on face book as Joanne Wilson and ARTefact

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