Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Hello Munchkins.

I haven't really got an awful lot to show this week as I have been spending my time painting the teaching studio.
A couple  of weeks back I did start that sea side frame so I will show you what it looks like now.

As I believe I said, not my cup of tea!
Take it to bits
Opps! Never mind we have glue.
Gather some Stuff!

Put it all together....,
And black the edges
At the carboot I got some art Stuff!

A metal sign will look great cut up and turned into a book.
Some fabulous books..., got to stop buying books!!!!!
The 4th of September saw the start of Illuminarti Omega, What a fantastic bunch of people. We had a great evening and I was horrid enough to set them homework..., Artist Trading Cards. They will have a great time with these. There are only six places left in this group if anyone is interested. We meet two Thursday evenings a month 6 pm til 9 pm..., ish!

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