Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Playing with books........,again!

Hello everyone and welcome. Mainly I have been working on three project this week. The Bible I bought for £2, which had great graphics which I just wanted to use some how. The cook book, which is a total altered book and Painting the studio area ready for the start of the new ARTefact groups, and workshops.

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Now for the Bible. As always I remove all the plates from a book I am about to alter. Whilst I was doing this I kept getting the idea to put them back into the book, but with a difference.., this is the result.

Poor thing was in two pieces,

Starting the quite long task of cutting the center of the pages out.
Done! Tidy up the edges.
Put the front cover back on.
I have backed all the images I wanted with black card
Start at the back and build up!

Once you are happy with the result, the book needs gluing together.
This is the old cook book I started last week.
Adding more and more "stuff"!
Cover in Gesso
And paint, this isnt finished yet, but I now want to work on the inside.
Remove pages, and gesso ones you wish to work on.
Texture paste and stencils.

This was done with old photograph, cutting and mounting like the pictures in the bible.
Going to go and paint the floor now!!!!!

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