Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Who, Me?

Hello you lovely people, I am starting this blog with a warning, this is going to be very brief. This is due to not having done anything arty this week, well maybe not quite true, but very little anyway.

Andrews last weekend of Open Studio was in my mind a huge success, so proud of him. With lots of visitors and sales, a boost to his artist confidence, well done that man. A huge thank you to all that came to see his work and a big thank you to all those who came to ask why I wasn't showing this year. As you know I will be having my own Open Studio(s) in July and I am sure Andrew will be displaying some new one off pieces there too.

No chance for a rest this weekend as it is Whitby Goth Weekend and Maisie needs a costume. I like to make sure she wears something different each time. She was known as the girl in red last year, so we are going green this weekend.

Struggling with light
So go outside!
I get the impression that teenagers think these costumes just come to life and no work whatsoever is involved. Or maybe she thinks there are cute little mice and birds up in my work room that makes her outfits while we all sleep! Anyway Maisie you shall go to the Goth Fest!!!!!! I will take photos when she is wearing it and steampunked.

Also this week is Alice's 22nd birthday.My first born 22! Dinner for lots of people planned. There was I wondering how I was going to get everyone in the dinning room, and "ping" don't have too . Andrew has built the new tables for the new studio, so lets eat in there and christen it at the same time. It is funny how we always seem to establish a new build with a dinner party. I remember when the log cabin went in at the bottom of the garden we decided to have Christmas dinner down there. Now there is a distance between the kitchen and the cabin and as the courses passed and the wine flowed it was getting more and more hazardous getting the food up and down the garden! Great fun though and such memories, and surly that is what it is about, building memories for yourself and for others you love,  be it friends or family.

A tad pale at present but I intend to work magic on it tonight.
OK my honeypots, as warned that is it. I do hope to gets some new work done on Sunday, but I may just curl up in a corner and have a snooze. Keep safe. x

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Frog of Toad Hall

Hello, Hello, Hello, and how are you all? In tip top shape I hope, and if not, here is a bunny from me, to you. There,... better now!

Just having the best of times, although that in it's self can be exhausting  Last weekend was the first of Andrews, my gentleman-friend's Open Studio, indeed it was his first ever, Open Studio, and I am pleased to say a roaring success. I am so proud of him, Well done you. Big THANKS goes to all those who came to play, it was fabulous to meet you, and I hope to meet lots more new and old friends next weekend.

If you would like to know the names of all this stuff check out Andrews Blog.
As always William had to get in on the act!
I truly think she was amused.

Tempus Fugit!

The story of Andrews drawings...... In life I think it is true to say that at times we all need a little motivation. I was asking Andrew to draw his ideas and designs, because I believe his drawings are good and I wanted to see more. Anyway not to put a finer point on it I was being fobbed off with every excuse under the sun as to why these drawings were not appearing, a bit like the postcards for Open Studios! So drastic measure needed to be taken. Oh goody! Andrew lives in Acaster and joins me in my humble abode, Area 61 on a Friday evenings, for bubble baths and fizzy pop and weekends of general arty loveyness. So I said that if he wanted to gain admittance to Area 61, the cost from now on was a piece of drawn art work! No art, no admittance  These are some of the results. Just goes to show, sometimes in life you do have to be cruel to be kind!

Such a talented chap!

OK so what have I been doing? Art wise, that is,... very little. I went nearly a week without painting for me, and I was getting rather cranky to say the least, but thankfully the last two nights I have had a little time for me. I can not remember if I told you but I am participating in an eight week on line work shop with the wonderful Teesha Moore and Jane Davenport, called Mermaid Circus. I was a little behind due to obvious reasons and chomping at the bit to get going Well I have started,

A Mermaid template, cut five.
Paint, both sides.
Add a front cover and turn into a book with a simple pamphlet stitch.
Start designing and painting Mermaids.
Not used to painting this small, but it's fun.
OK honey bunnies I am going to leave it here for this week, if you are local come along at the weekend and don't be shy say Hi. Love and best wishes to you all. x

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Not Long Now

Hello you gorgeous peeps, thank you for popping in.  I am afraid I do not have much in the way of art to show you this week as the preparations for Andrews York Open Studios have totally taken over my time. I have been painting, five doors, two white three black, a couple of windows! Cleaning window too! I will spare you a photo of that lot.
Saturday was a good day and started with the wonderful return of Knavesmire car boot sale. Oh joy, The items you can find there are just unbelievable. I got some little bottles for making into jewelry  A wonderful cash book from 1880s. A lady's accounts of what she bought when and how much she paid. I will keep the book in tacked as it is a good one, but will photocopy the papers to use in collage work. And it looks good sat on my desk.

From the car boot I went to the Embroidery Guild meeting, this session we had a speaker by the name of Ruby Porter MBE.  Check out the York Embroiders Guild blog for more on her work. Wow what a fabulous woman, working out in Bangladesh helping woman and children create a better life for all.  When that had finished I came home to find Andrew had had a mention in the York press regarding his Steampunk work. This delighted me, and totally terrified him!

Challengingly different, I didn't realise they knew him!!!!!
Then I was back home and clean and paint. Friday it is going to be set dressing, the bit I like the best.
Progress on the studio is just wonderful, but on hold now,

I did do a little piece of art via Effy Wild,  Sweetlins class. Paper doll making which was fun.

I had to do some signage for various goings on!

Now don't forget if you are in York this next weekend come and visit, we would both love to see you, but my studios will not be open. kissy.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Did you have had a great Easter? Happy April.

OK so I thought it was busy here the last few weeks, but the heat has really turned up with only ten days to go to Andrews Open Studio. The added pressure is due to the fact that the new build is in the path of Andrews though-fair to his venue which is my living room. So lots of cleaning and painting, but we will get there.
The new studio is looking great, with a new level and painted floor, work has to stop on this project to concentrate on Andrew and displaying his kit.

Happy Steampunking Professor Broken Cross.
and his apprentice, Maisie
Enjoying a day at Whitby Goth Festival
We have the added joy that the weekend after the open studio is finished is Alice's birthday, Maisie's Duke Of Edinburgh trip and Whitby Goth Festival, so no pressure!!!!!

So what have I been up to, very little. Painting doors, but I think you can do without seeing them. I have been working on my large altered  book

Not finished yet, I feel some glitter coming on!
Not allot else really, just too busy with studios and open days, so forgive me, this will change soon.

On a sad note, 29th of March marked the forth anniversary of the death of my Mummy, Barbara, I miss her every day.

Barbara Roberts, (middle) 1929-2009.