Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Did you have had a great Easter? Happy April.

OK so I thought it was busy here the last few weeks, but the heat has really turned up with only ten days to go to Andrews Open Studio. The added pressure is due to the fact that the new build is in the path of Andrews though-fair to his venue which is my living room. So lots of cleaning and painting, but we will get there.
The new studio is looking great, with a new level and painted floor, work has to stop on this project to concentrate on Andrew and displaying his kit.

Happy Steampunking Professor Broken Cross.
and his apprentice, Maisie
Enjoying a day at Whitby Goth Festival
We have the added joy that the weekend after the open studio is finished is Alice's birthday, Maisie's Duke Of Edinburgh trip and Whitby Goth Festival, so no pressure!!!!!

So what have I been up to, very little. Painting doors, but I think you can do without seeing them. I have been working on my large altered  book

Not finished yet, I feel some glitter coming on!
Not allot else really, just too busy with studios and open days, so forgive me, this will change soon.

On a sad note, 29th of March marked the forth anniversary of the death of my Mummy, Barbara, I miss her every day.

Barbara Roberts, (middle) 1929-2009.

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