Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Who, Me?

Hello you lovely people, I am starting this blog with a warning, this is going to be very brief. This is due to not having done anything arty this week, well maybe not quite true, but very little anyway.

Andrews last weekend of Open Studio was in my mind a huge success, so proud of him. With lots of visitors and sales, a boost to his artist confidence, well done that man. A huge thank you to all that came to see his work and a big thank you to all those who came to ask why I wasn't showing this year. As you know I will be having my own Open Studio(s) in July and I am sure Andrew will be displaying some new one off pieces there too.

No chance for a rest this weekend as it is Whitby Goth Weekend and Maisie needs a costume. I like to make sure she wears something different each time. She was known as the girl in red last year, so we are going green this weekend.

Struggling with light
So go outside!
I get the impression that teenagers think these costumes just come to life and no work whatsoever is involved. Or maybe she thinks there are cute little mice and birds up in my work room that makes her outfits while we all sleep! Anyway Maisie you shall go to the Goth Fest!!!!!! I will take photos when she is wearing it and steampunked.

Also this week is Alice's 22nd birthday.My first born 22! Dinner for lots of people planned. There was I wondering how I was going to get everyone in the dinning room, and "ping" don't have too . Andrew has built the new tables for the new studio, so lets eat in there and christen it at the same time. It is funny how we always seem to establish a new build with a dinner party. I remember when the log cabin went in at the bottom of the garden we decided to have Christmas dinner down there. Now there is a distance between the kitchen and the cabin and as the courses passed and the wine flowed it was getting more and more hazardous getting the food up and down the garden! Great fun though and such memories, and surly that is what it is about, building memories for yourself and for others you love,  be it friends or family.

A tad pale at present but I intend to work magic on it tonight.
OK my honeypots, as warned that is it. I do hope to gets some new work done on Sunday, but I may just curl up in a corner and have a snooze. Keep safe. x

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