Friday, 27 March 2015

What a bad girl!

I know I have been really naughty and ignored you for too long. please accept my apology. I have been really busy with things I can not show you yet, but I will share this with you today.

I really liked the look of the paper and card satchel,
A gift bag,
from Wilkinson's.
So I took it to bits...,
chopped off some of the interior,
joined it back together with decorative paper.

Selected hair elastics,
to create a closure.
And filled it full of lovely stuff.
Ooooooo, more stuff!
Yet another Wilkos  file folder
Cut the end off, so popper remains in the middle.
Strengthened the hinges with the off cuts

And filled this full of stuff too!
See you soon...., I hope!

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