Wednesday, 19 September 2012

old books

Halloween is fast approaching and I got the urge to have a spell book! Well you would, wouldn't you. So I faked up an old file, ring binder actually, and made pages out of old cardboard, What jolly fun I had, so of course this led to other aged files of various sizes. I have wanted to create a swatch of fabric samples for some time now and that's what I am going to use this large folder for. I shall take samples of all my fabrics and display them in this book all with an antique effect of course. Well that's the idea at the moment, but watch this space.
With tuppence for paper and string.

And a few thousand pounds of other craft material.

You can have a mess all over your house.

My sister came to see me when I was in the middle of this exercise and looked worried to say the least as to why I would have something pink in my house. She stated that she wouldn't ask what I was doing , just wait to see the finished project.What a wise woman she is, we could be related.

I do find it quite strange how ideas grow. All I wanted to do was create a spell book. This moved me onto a swatch book, and now I wish to make an Halloween altered book. So all these things are going on at once. I really need to buy a bigger house! But no, I shall not sell, but create a larger footprint!  I love this house and it just gets better. So back to the altered book, just love creating this. Haven't started the Halloween advent calender as yet, too keen on paper and paint at the moment.

Andrew, my gentleman friend, often arrives with tresure. Items cast aside by an uncaring world and placed in his path for redistrobusion to fellow artist and collectors. And last Friday was no exception. He turned up with an old book for me to play with. "Just what I wanted" I cried as the idea of the Halloween book was filling in my head. "Can I do what I like with it"? I always like to check, I case it's some family treasure I am only surpposed to look at. Once given the go ahead I could hardly contain my self.

One 1950;s children's book.
I had to take myself to the kitchen as the studio and the dinning room were full of stuff drying, then the fun could begin. I always remove any interesting plates from a book I am about to alter. These can then be used on other projects.

Let the gluing commence!

I am really enjoying this.

A spot of colour for the interior,

and the exterior

Tune in for the next installment.

The 365 journals are comming on in leaps and bounds now, I must say I do like the altered book one the most, as you get a lot more choice with your art, but they are all great fun and worth a go at. If you are learning, you are not wasting time. In my book, there are no rights and wrongs in art, the whole purpose is to express what you need to say. grow and learn new skills.

the altered book journal #3

Journal #2, up to date, phew!

Journal #1, it took me ages to cut all those shapes out! Preparing for October, oooow

My step daughter, Jessy came for a visit last weekend and introduced  me to Keri Smith. I have no idea how this woman has escaped my attention for so long. Keri has written quite a few books on creativity and the need to cast caution to the wind and let your creative juices flow forth. I don't know if I can be quite as uninhibited as Keri, but lets find out! WRECK THIS JOURNAL, has been out since 2007 and is just fabulous. Rather than tell you all about this book and others on a similar theme, go check her out. I am going to start, Wreck this journal and Finish this book, I will let you know how I get on.

Four of Keri Smiths books, brilliant.

October 6th and 7th for the great Northern Papercrafts Extravaganzer in Harrogate at the Yorkshire Event Center.  Well worth a visit. 10am til 4pm I believe, about £5 to get in.

If you like steam-punk artifacts, check out this blog,
It's Andrews blog and I haven't got a link as yet as he only started it on Monday, but it is worth a look. It has photo's of some of his creations and himself and Maisie all dressed up and playing at the seaside!

OK, my lovelies, that's it for this week, I will post again next Wednesday, or Thursday. If I have got Andrews address wrong I will correct it ASAP, artfully yours Jo, x

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