Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Winter Draws On!


Thanks again for all your hard work, there seems to be some ill health around  so please get better soon. Don't forget Art is good for body and soul, so get crafting, it's great occupational therapy.
A.T.C.'s from the group and a lot of table! Don't know what happened there but I have sent them off now so I can't redo the picture sorry!
The one I really liked, yet again dodgy picture. I can only put it down to 5 am and not enough tea.
You all seem very keen on doing another book swap in the same format as before, so I will make some books up and you will send postage stamps in return, but what about themes my lovelies? Come back at me with this one as I need help, it's been said before! I will check out costs this weekend.  (That is after the Paper Extravaganzer in Harrogate, I cant wait.)  If we are short of people anyone feel up to doing two?

Do you ladies have access to face book? I only ask as I could set up a group on there and then you could all see the progress of the books as they go around. Do let me know.

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