Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Deck the halls with all things spooky!

Here we are early October, so we must crack on with all things Halloween. I took it upon myself to make some bunting for the festivities and what better than pumpkins, bats and cats. I have made meters of the stuff to decorate the hall for when the lovely children come to call.

Pumpkin bunting!
 Also I had to make cats on sticks, don't ask me why, but it had to be done! With bells on of course.

They are a lot happier in real life!

They don't like having their picture taken.
Then there are the hands, I need to make more of these, it's such good fun.

The fingers are wired , so they can hold onto things.

A hand full of  hearts.

This is the Haveasham hand.
No sooner are we finished with Halloween then Maisie and Andrew are off to the goth festival in Whitby North Yorkshire, and for that Maisie needs a new costume. They used to go once a year now they have doubled their dose. They have a fabulous time, and come back very excited. I shall have Maisie report on this years event for you.

Andrew Dale and Maisie Wilson, 2012.

Maisie Wilson, Whitby 2012

OK so onto Journals. How I love journaling, it truly is therapy. All those things that niggle and naggle at your brain just blitz them with a dose of journaling, you will feel better.

October coming along nicely
Page a month journal, great for those odd little notes or quotes.

The mini A.T.C. journal, invaluable for creating new designs for my A.T.C. group.

Last, but never least the altered book journal, share thoughts with yourself and heal, just do it.

Grate book for learning new skills, I wish to learn how to draw faces. Not factual representation, more your cartoon style. You may see a lot more faces in the weeks to come!
Yet more doodling!

If you cant shine today, try a little smile.

Everyday, but not with silly cocktails.
Please be aware that there are a few more new post under this one, new today, (10th October), I am doing thing a little different, improvements I hope. See you next week. Now I really must make a horse!

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