Tuesday, 16 October 2012

I am doodling on fabric now!

I got some pens the other day and I do like to keep them sorted in sets. It's not O.C.D, it's just organised! The container they came in was dreadful, so I thought I would make myself a pen roll, twenty four of these new pens and six spaces for extra black pens.
Stamped cotton fabric.
Not awfully keen on white and cream, so some colouring had to take place.

I used Dyalusion, not colour fast, but I don't intend to wash my pen-case.
Some stitching
OK, quite a lot of stitching
Well we all know we drew on our pencil cases at school, so lets do it now. I stamped, drew and doodled and now I am in the process of colouring it in. What joyous fun!

I will let you know when it's finished.
Finishing this could take a while, as I feel once it's coloured it may need beads and buttons and embellishments. Note to self, leave room for the pens!

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