Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The Great Northern Papercrafts Extravaganza

What an absolute privilege it is to have the Yorkshire Event Centre on the door step as it were, OK about forty minute drive, but hayho. I do like this Centre. All the events I go to there, about four a year, are well organized. The venue is clean and tidy, supper toilets, always a very important point.  Great coffee, hence the importance of the toilets! And the staff helpful and courteous. What more could you ask for........? Lots of craft "Stuff"! And that's just what you got depending on what sort of things you like. For me it was a little lacking, as a lot of the more, "out there" vendors didn't attend, but I think that is down to the economy. With fuel the price it is,  and all the other cost entailed in standing at one of these shows, it's not surprising that it's become prohibitive to attend every show. 

oooow, stuff!
PaperArtsy were there which was a great surprise and joy to me. Had to spend a small fortune there.
 A lot of the stands were your basic supplies, card, paper, ribbons, inks, storage always an important topic!  I can't lie and  say I wasn't disappointed not to see, Sissix,  Skiptons, The Stampman,  and Art from the Heart, to mention a few,  but I imagine it just wouldn't be worth their, time, money and huge amount of effort. Art from the Heart reside just around the corner from the venue, and were kind enough to open on a Sunday, thanks for that chaps. So back into the van and finish off the shopping there. Of course the best part of the day was to call in at the lovely sister, Elizabeth and show her my treasure over a few welcomed cups of tea.What more do you need in life than family, art, and cups of tea? Maybe a top hat!

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