Tuesday, 20 May 2014

A Little Background!

Hello darlings, How are you all? Isn't it great to have some lovely weather. Last weekend the Ephemera ETC group were here, and at lunch we got to sit out side and enjoy the sun shine. During the day we were playing at building back grounds.

What fun and lots of laughs. I was a little distracted as I was waiting for the delivery of a table I had purchased that mornings car boot sale on the knavemire in York, from the lovely Joanne. I have bought things from Joanne before but this was the biggest and had to be delivered! Well I needn't have worried as it arrived safety.
Opps!, studio and scullery doors had to come off
Tight fit!

The table comes from a schools physic lab. You can see the holes where the gas taps and electrical supply used to be. They will be filled.
I told the girls that we would dine off that table that night and we did. The first time that tables has seen a wine cooler..., won't be the last!
Great table, however, too tall, too narrow and too short...., just!
Work in progress, but as I need the table by the 28th of this month Andrew is working hard to get it finished.
Very solid table, but that was more to do with discarded chewing gun than glue!!!!!
I  am having a Yard Sale here on the 1st of June in aid of the local Holgate Windmill if anyone is about and interested. There will be about 30 of us opening up our yards and selling  "Stuff". Come along if you can and say hi!

Also I am having a stall at the Made Locally with Love fair at The Merchants Adventures Hall in York on the 13th of July. Doors open at 11 am and I believe there is a £1 entrance fee, but I will let you know more about that nearer the day.  I will be selling Journals and note books and talking about my new groups which start at The ARTefactory in September  of this year.

The 14th of May was Hectors first birthday and he had a fabulous day, with visits from friends and family, gifts, presents and a party tea!

That's 1 not 21!
It's all just......
to much!!!
See you next week. xxx

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