Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Having just the best time in the studio

Hello sweetie pies. I hope this finds you happy and healthy. I have been very busy in the ARTefact Studio with all sorts of activities,

I love D.I.Y shops. And Wickes the other day were giving away free paint tester pots. So I grabbed five for the journal!
Here we have a mix of Silicon sealant and corn flower! Why not?
Mix, mix, mix! Very messy process, but well worth it
But what is it? I hear you cry..., molding putty!!!!! To get a lump of putty this size from shop bought, two part molding compounds would cost about £15.00, this about £1.50!
Lets put it to the test.
Roll it out,
Embed interesting pieces.
Push them in well,
Leave four 24 hours.
Spray mold with release fluid.
Mix up some plaster,
Pour in and wait, 2 hours.
Looking good
I shall be playing with this some more!!!
 Now I wish to make a doll, It maybe a little unusual...., lets find out.

Scrunching up plastic bags and covering in Paper mache, to create a body and a head.
Cut some wood for a base, Off cut of fence post.
and some dowels for legs, sides from my babies play pen.
Drill hole in base for the legs.
Glue in place.
She will have some shoes soon.
Work in progress.
See you later. x

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