Sunday, 18 October 2015

Car Bootie finds

Sorry I just haven't had the time for blogging, but I am getting settled into University and things will calm down. ARTefact is growing too, which means quite a bit of work here to get on with. I will be on half term next week and I will take the time to show you all the things I, and the groups have been doing. Mean while look at these,
Collection of ephemera.
Isn't she just gorgeous.
Love this, and very topical for me, as a book I am reading for college is talking about machinery and its effects on arts and crafts.
This is wonderful. An envelope full of cards and a little story book by Carl Larsson.

Strange little cards set, complete and with some great characters.

Lovely old rubber stamp set. Someone has stamped August 1958 on it.
See you next week and you can join me on the journey of digging out the upstairs work room...., I kid you not!!!!

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