Friday, 18 December 2015

Tiny journals

Cut paper, mine are 10 x 6.5 cms
Fold papers in half.
I am doing nine signatures of three pages, therefore 27 pieces of paper in total.

Staple each signature.
Like so.
Add double sided tape to the back of the signature and start joining them together.
Cut a piece of paper to create the spine, stick it in place.

Add covers
These books can be any size you like...., experiment!
Draw full of bits..., left overs from bigger projects.
Cut to size.
Follow the process above.

A very old eraser carving...., can not remember when I did it.
They work well with these books.
Add colour.
Covers and ribbon, as a closure.

Make a Christmas one out of old cards, wrapping paper, cracker leftovers.

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