Wednesday, 27 January 2016

How cruel am I?

For abandoning you for so long! What can I tell you, life, children, ARTefact, University, you get the picture, (yes we see!)  But I am back. It maybe a brief visit, but who know.

I hope a few of have heard of The Documented Life Project, I am taking part this year, but I am a tad behind, but I will catch up. Go and check them out, it's great fun.

Inexpensive file and dividers.
Brown paper, which will go though the printer.
Thing I printed out.
Their (D.L.P) down loads, lots of them.
Just old journal pages, photocopied.
Cut up, Please don't measure them...., just cut!
801 sport!
glue the strips on, both sides.

All the way.............,

Finding where the holes are.

Heep's of photocopied journal pages
Cut up and collage again with them.
Try not to over think it.
Just do it!

Make 12.
Making large tag pockets.

Black the edges.
Also doing some big collages sheets, which I am having turned into fabric as we speak. I wish to make a bag for Uni, will show the process when fabric arrives!!

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