Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Adams Festival, Acomb, York, UK 2013

Yet another crazy busy weekend, but some things must be done. Six weeks ago I answered an advert in a local community magazine. They were looking to create a community choir to sing at an up and coming event, designed to foster pride in the local area. My sister and  I went along to the rehearsals and had a fabulous time. We sang our little socks off and met some wonderful people, both in the choir and in the Adams event. Thank you to everyone who took part. It is truly amazing how much fun we can have and what we can all achieve when we work together. As for the choir, I hope to see you all again for the Christmas sing along on the Green.                                                                                                      

In the Hall
In the street. I am there, just hiding at the back!
Art wise not done a lot this week as I have been so busy with other things, like earning a living! And it's too hot for a cave dweller like me. Really need to get tidied up in the studios now. Also it is application time for the two Open Studios I hope to do next year. That means some photos. I am desperate to get into the studio and get my fingers messy. So I am going to take the opportunity to catch up with Life Book I cant wait. I hope to show you some paints next week.

Now if you are not "Dog" people. look away now. I promised the family from whom I bought these two bundles of joy that I would post pictures of them regularly on by blog so they can see how they are getting on, so here they are

Hector and Oscar when first here, eight weeks old.

Partial to plant pots!

A little ear nibbling

Ten weeks old.
A spot of jaw chomping

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