Wednesday, 31 July 2013

last blog for a few weeks, I will be on holiday!

...and I can not wait,  I so need a holiday this year. I knew 2013 was going to be a busy year but boy!!!! And it has gone so quick. How is your year going? Well  it maybe very busy, but great fun. Just getting back into the studio mode. I do find it hard to swap between Open Studio, and then getting back into arting every day.

This bag of goodies was given to me from a lady up the road as she knew my studio and some of the things I do. She  hoped these items would come in useful for me and my students, how very kind.
Bought this cute fox book at the car boot, feel an art journal coming on.
Gesso the front cover.
At last doing some Life Book work. So pleased to get back to it.
Car boot finds last week, The big white roll are large self adhesive stickers. I think they will work great with the big shot so making my own stickers. Colour them with distress ink
And now for puppies news. They had their first trip to the vets last Saturday for their first injection and a check up. Both in excellent health and very well behaved. Hector was fine, but Oscar was a little under the weather for a few hours.

Hector and Oscar both enjoy large plant pots of soil still.
And watching the car flap, and indeed using it.
Resting still a favorite

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