Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The woman in black

Hello, there I was walking around the car boot last Saturday, when on the grass I saw two nicely painted eyes looking back at me. No head, no body, just the eyes. So taken by these that I looked all though the vendor's stall to see if there was any more of this painting. Sure enough there was. I asked the gentleman the cost of said picture and he stated £1.00! So I bought the poor woman to see what I could do with her. If nothing else she could go in an ephemera swap, at least three in her current condition! She, as you can see was in a bad way and the paper and card very fragile.

So I glued her back together, not the best picture fixing I have ever done, but each time you moved any part of it more fell off so it was a case of just doing the best and living with the result, and here she is....

I was particularly drawn to the picture as there was a tiny photo of the woman glued to the top left hand side of the picture, which the artist had used to create the painting, not seen that before. Also on the back there are some prompt for colouring, hair black, eyes blue, not much colour, and some thing I can't read, plus a number 85826 and a sort of monogram or it could just be a scribble, who knows, but I like her.

Photograph of woman, top left hand side of painting.
not sure if that is a signature or just a scribble!
Glued together and a copy taken.
looks at home in the front parlor.

See you all soon. x

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