Wednesday, 4 September 2013

113 days to Christmas!

Just thought I would share that with you! I am back sorry it has all been so sporadic, but life can be like that. I  have been so busy what with earning a living and the building work, not to mention two adorable puppies! They are adorable, but heaps of work.

Oscar and Hector, helping with the new build.
Art wise I have been quite busy, but lots of unfinished projects at present. This is not due to boredom more to do with the drying process!

I have been doing a lot of surface treatments. This is mainly done with acrylic paint, over boxes, books and just about anything else I could find to play with. First I glued on cardboard cut out cogs and glossy accent "rivets" the painted it black..., then brown, and so on.

You maybe be able to see the effect better on this piece. This was a kiddies board book that got the same treatment.

More Mermaids. Mermaid Circus One with Teesha and Jane has now finished, they have started another one, but I didn't wish to do it again at the present as there are not enough hours in the day. However I did do a few more mermaids.

This one is for life book, complete with mermaid.
Now onto something else, an altered book, made into a journal. Now this journal will be made using 12 by 12 decorative papers. There are so many ways of altering books and this is just one. This is made with the intention to write in it and collect day to day memories and thoughts.

First take a book and gut it!
At this point I photocopied it as it had some nice end papers which couldn't be removed.
Strengthen the spine with fabric and glue as I will be stitching into this.
Gave the book new end papers, which  I stitched a pockets onto the left hand side before gluing down.

Stitch in six signatures.

This book is full of pockets and flaps, and lots of areas to journal your socks off.

Now onto the new studio and building work. Had some changes of plans on this as we were supposed to be putting in the new toilet. Had to postpone that, but don't worry ladies I have plenty of buckets! The change of plan was down to some security issues, so the side of the house, which is the entrance to the teaching studio had to be changed, from this.....

To this!

A shame in some ways, but it had to be done, and it makes for more space to create art!

Just in the process of applying for York Open Studio for 2014, see what happens. Oh yes and there is a new family member....,
meet Edgar Allen Crow.
Isn't he handsome, Andrew bought him at a car boot sale a few weeks ago. I forgot to tell my sister, who isn't good with birds and she nearly had a fit when puppy sitting for me so we could go to Beamish in peace! So Sorry Tilly. x

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