Thursday, 27 February 2014

How old am I?

Well that rather depends, about 96 in every day situations, but in the studio with my toys about 8 years and very happy.
This week I have been playing with  Junk Journals, I just love these. The idea is to use up all the bits and pieces you have left after crafting, instead of storing them in countless bags and boxes that will come in useful one day!
I wanted a fabric cover.
This is the inside with a pocket.
Fabulous fabric from the Lovely Lizzy. I added some image transfers.
Gorgeous gold ribbon as a closure.
Yummy papers. Now these where not bits of waste as this book I am doing for myself and it is quite large at,  8.5 x 12 x 2.5 inches!
Setting rivets.
Stitching signatures.
Fiddly but fun.
Junk Journal Spine.
Love looking at the edges and the fibers.
To Be Continued!
Also on the subject on journals.....,

Three sets of playing cards in three different sizes.
Cards removed and boxes trimmed.
A selection of papers for signatures.

Three sets of signatures.
Stitching cradle.

Next one

Love Love Love!
And a tiny one

See you later. x

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