Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The wonderful sound of paper.

I don't know what it is, but I have had a passion for paper as long as I could walk. I remember a paper crafting friend of mine who said , "A passion for paper is like an elephant in your living room,  you can't miss it!" As a small person I loved handling bibles, not because I was a religious child, but because I loved the sound the paper made.  Breakfast was a delight..., not because of the food but because of the bags inside the cereal packets, the should that paper makes is delightful. This joy was continued at lunch as my mother had a peculiar habit of wrapping my sandwiches in the same paper. 
As for anyone, receiving birthday and Christmas cards was and is indeed still is, a joy for me, but I loved it more when the festivities were over, and I got to play with this free craft card and images these cards gave me. A trip to the butchers, smiling sweetly resulted in a sheet or two of cellophane the used to wrap the meat in. My mother was a keen dress maker and I would get the paper pattern pieces she no longer required. Also I loved and still do, the backing paper off iron on bond a web. All these memories came flooding back this week as I have been making junk journal and I just love them. I do seem to have an obsessive personality.

So when I left you I had just sewn the book signatures in to my "posh" junk journal. I call this one posh as it does contain a lot of new kit in it, and it is only when we start to add decoration to the pages that I begin to use up old stuff.
Old postcards
Old photographs
Old advertising and card games
Envelopes turned into pockets
Lolly packets

arrrh, my Mummy

Old calendar illustrations
Old book page

Tiny old photos

Now onto a true junk journal

Making cover for journal out of old envelopes and sewing patterns
With some washi tape

Signatures getting a good squashing.

Three signatures stitched into both spines. 

See you later. x

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