Wednesday, 19 March 2014

What a great day out we had

Last Sunday some of the Ephemera ETC group went, to The Great Northern Paper Extravaganza. And we had a great time. I have to admit I was a little apprehensive as the last time I went It was rather disappointing. Years ago the paper fest was in Hall 1 and it was HUGE! With everything you could think of, and lots of things you had know idea about, but whether it was recession or the expanding use of the internet the show withered, and I stopped going . But that was in the past. Granted we were in Hall 2 which is smaller but it was full of interesting stock and traders, most reporting that they were having a good show and it was worth their time and effort to participate. For a paper fest it was a little lacking in paper for me. A good selection of stamps, lots of dies and thankfully quite a lot of stencils which was what I was after. I will interrogate the group on Saturday and see what they thought of it. Whatever anyone says I was exceptionally pleased to see the paper fest looking so healthy, and hope that trend grows and it gets back to its former glory.
OOOOOOO, stuff. I will show you in more detail next week as I start to go though my new stuff!
OOOOOOOO, ephemera, and I haven't undone the packaging yet!
Speaking of packaging, this was a carrier bag, which I cut the handles off and opened up.
Then I placed wide double sided sticky tape on the reverse, 
like so, 
Thus crating my own decorative parcel tape! 
Speaking of decorative tape!  This is the tissue paper on double side tape then coloured with dyalusions.
I just sprayed it before cutting it up.
New fabric, cotton reels..., nice.
So I just had to make some fabric tape.
It was wide so I used the trimmer to cut it into thin strips.
OK folks got to go. x

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